Black Eyes

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Am continuing with the Brown Paper Wasps, and the colony was a bit agitated. I did not know the reason. There are two or three of them with black eyes,. I dont know if they are of a different sex. A tad bit larger than the spotted eyed ones.

Balan Vinod

Technical Details

6D2, 70 200 Ext , Raynox, F29

Balan, I’m glad you are continuing with the Brown Paper Wasps. Not sure why the black eyes. Would it possibly be a different variation of the wasp? Anyway, you have mastered the lighting on these. Very nice details as well. Be careful if they are agitated, we don’t want you getting stung, if they do that sort of thing. That black BG really makes the wasp and nest stand out nicely.

Balan, this yet another very nice capture of a wasp. The black BG adds a lot of vibrancy to the image. The details on the wasp are really good, too. Are those eggs that we see in the pods? This is a really nice and detailed image. Your editing skills are very good, too.

This is gorgeous, Balan. I love the fine detail you captured with the eggs in the cells. The difference in the two varieties is interesting. It makes me wonder about what’s going on and whether it’s the same species or an imitator. bent on mischief.

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Hi Balan, love the texture you captured on the wasp and seeing the eggs in their chambers is a great point of interest. That’s one fierce looking insect. Well done.

Wow, you captured a lot of detail and I agree with the others about the black background bringing out the details really well.