Black headed Grosbeak, female

This image was taken about five years ago when my raspberry bushes were in full swing. Somewhat harsh light. I reprocess this using new tools. I think it was shot with a Nikon D 800 E. 600 mm no extender. F5 .6, 1250th. ISO is probably about 2000.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

Wow, she’s wonderful! Such intricate markings. I bet when she’s brooding the eggs she’s almost invisible. The light is bright, but it lets us see detail in her eye which is always nice. The “bloody” beak is different and definitely eye-catching. Background lovely as always.

David, this is one of my favorite birds. I never see them around here although I know they hang out in the Pacific Northwest. I like the pose and placement in the frame. And spot on sharpness of the eye. As Kris said, the background is awesome.

Hi David
The Grosbeak looks great. The framing, head turn and feather detail are all very sharp. You did a good job balancing the contrast and the eye hick and raspberry beak put the photograph over the top.
Nice work.

Very nice pose and background, David. I love the raspberry touch on the beak.

Gorgeous pose, detail and BG! I hope there were some raspberries left for you.

I have a House Finch with blackberries smeared all over its face that I posted somewhere with the caption, “The noble predator after the kill.”

Hi David, critical focus is spot on with a pleasing background and fine perch. The raspberry on the beak is great. Well done.