Black-headed Grosbeak, M

From a couple of days ago with some nice cloudy light – and the luck of a good pose with the body right in the focal plane. I’m wondering if this is a fledgling – he’s so clean.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Canon R5, 100-500 + 1.4X at 700mm. ISO 1600, 1/400 sec, f/10 for a little more DOF. Tripod. Only raw adjustments (LR) were slight Shadows and Highlights. In PS only NR and retouched two areas on the perch, then Detail Extractor to pull out a little more BG detail and a slight vignette.


Largest view provides an excellent view of the feather detail. Maybe a touch of space on the left for framing is my only minor suggestion. Wonderful photo…Jim

Hi Diane
I agree with Jim on the framing and can only add this is a vary clean looking Grosbeak and a lovely photograph.

Oh! This is gorgeous. Great looking bird on a nice perch with a great background as well. Of course, details are perfect.

My only thought is; perhaps flipping horizontal?

I’m always trying to smooth or tame backgrounds, but here, you’ve opted for more detail. Certainly not a criticism, because it’s worked so well!

Excellent, Diane. Perch, pose and background all work well together. I do agree with Jim on a touch more room on the left.

Great feather detail on the large image. Nice pose, perch, and background. I like the composition as is. My eye is drawn away from the left side, so I’m not sure if more canvas on the left would matter. In general, I prefer this orientation, perhaps because we’re used to reading from left to right.

I can add nothing to the detailed critiques above. Will just say a fine shot of a beautiful bird that we rarely, if ever, see in this part of the country. Well done.

Thanks, everyone! The left side is the original frame edge; would be easy to add a little more with content-aware fill – I’ll have a look at it. I do agree its on the border of needing more there, but just a little bit more.

Beautiful shot of a handsome bird, definitely not a fledgling, Diane, I believe it would take a season to get full feathers and colors. Looks like it recently took a bath though . Great feather detail throughout the image.

He is a beautiful bird, Diane. I don’t think I have ever seen one in the wild, so maybe he is mainly out west. Such wonderful details in his feathers, and sweet lighting, with a very nice BG and I like the perch as well.

Thanks, everyone! @Shirley_Freeman, they are found in the western half of the country. They winter in Mexico (sounds nice!) and breed up here. They come and go with the Orioles. @Stephen_Stanton – thanks! I had shot some several years ago and had forgotten that the young-uns are similar to the female. Maybe I’ll get one soon. They love the sunflower feeder.