Black-throated Trogon

Since Nate Chappell’s Trogon Tours arranged our trip to Costa Rica, I suppose it’s obligatory to post an image of this one. We didn’t get a very good view, though this was close enough, it never gave us a really good head turn and there was no way to move to a better angle. I’m also posting a shot of a different view, though it was considerably further away and isn’t as high a quality. At a fellow camera club member’s advice, I tried ON1’s new “nonoise” on these and I liked the results for really high noise images.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Sony A1, FE 200-600 + 1.4 TC @ 840 mm, monopod with Wimberley Sidekick mount, f/9. I don’t have the shutter speed and iso handy, but I know they were high iso images, I think in the range of 8000.


Both images are well exposed with excellent detail and color. The second image is a little sharper than the first but that could be because of the high ISO. On the first image I would consider removing the very thin branch. With respect to habitat I like the framing in the second image. The Trogon’s are very hard to get out in the open. I didn’t see this species on my trip but I did see the Elegant Trogon.

He is beautiful, Dennis, and I would be thrilled to call either one of those images mine.

Trogons are great, especially round the eyes. We get a good view of both sides of this one. Did your guide call it in?