Masked Trogon

Here’s a Masked Trogon photographed at the blind at Sachatamia on one of our Ecuador tours this past January.

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Canon 5D4 500F4 1/160 F5.6, iso 1250, 600ex fill flash at -2.0, Gitzo tripod, Wimberley head.

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A lovely bird, Nate. You handled the exposure and processing beautifully. the blacks look just perfect.

Up to your usual high standards, Nate. Nice use of flash and natural light, great pose, and I like the bit of bokeh in the BG.

Wonderful composition with excellent detail, color, background, and very effective use of fill flash

Nate: excellent use of fill flash as it doesn’t look flashed. The pose, details and coloration are spot on. Richard

Excellent image of this gorgeous bird, Nate. It would look nice on a wall!

Love the backwards glance and the colors look very nice. Nice perch and background too. Well done Nate.

Excellent pose, perch, and background! Detail and Exposure look good. Well done!

Excellent portrait. Makes me want to get a flash (which I have resisted so far). The fill flash here really highlights this bird.