Blackberry Brandy?

Description: A cute little House Finch eating last years blackberries which I wonder if they’re fermented by now! Both are “invasive species”. But they sure are welcome nonetheless!

Specific Feedback Requested: anything

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Nikon D3400, iso 800, 300mm, 1/1000, cropped, sharpened

Is this a composite? No

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Vanessa, this is a fine look at this house finch, with good details in the bird and the spines on the blackberries showing well. Locally, we’ve gone from having mostly Purple Finches to having only House Finches at our feeder as development continues to encroach.

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Thanks, Mark! I’m glad you like it. I had to look at my Oregon animal guide on my phone to see if it was a House or Purple finch. They look so similar to me. So from what you said it sounds like House Finches are more adept at living in an urban environment than the Purple?

A very nice image of the House Finch, Vanessa and Himalayan Blackberries are definitely a nasty invasive, albeit a tasty one. Nice job.

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Thanks, Dennis! Yeah, I love picking the wild blackberries on the side of the roads! But only when they’re fresh!

A good exposure on the bird, and good detail and pose; not much you can do about a bright BG. I might try to minimize it a bit with a little more crop from the bottom.

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Thank you, Diane! I was trying to keep as many blackberries in it as possible, kind of to create depth. And trying to do what so many tell me to do, like don’t center things, which I always do. But I’ll have to go back and see if there’s a way to get the brightness cropped but still keep the bird out of the center! :slight_smile: