The Perfect One & repost

I never knew that House Finches like to eat flowers! But this last April I got to watch a group of about 15-20 come every day to eat the blossoms off this tree right outside my apartment window! I read that it actually helps to cultivate and prune the trees when birds do this. Pretty neat! They were really funny to watch!

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything, does the blurred foreground pink flowers detract? I could crop it tighter, but I also want some context…anything else…

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 800


Vanessa, this is very nicely pink. I do wish for less of the blurred foreground, but recognize that in a situation like this moving (or getting the bird in a “perfect” position) is very unlikely. The sharpness of the bird and it having a bloom in it’s mouth are very good. You could possibly crop this to square, removing most of the bottom blur.

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Thanks, @Mark_Seaver Mark I did it with a square crop, how do you think it looks now?..

I think this is very pretty, Vanessa. The bird is nice and crisp, but I do wish the foreground blur was not there as it makes it look smudged, to me. Still, it’s a very nice image. I do like the square crop a bit better.

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