Blood Moon Eclipse

This was shot over the course of an hour or so and I was trying to get to the full Blood Moon, but the fog rolled in and obscured the final shot.

Technical Details

Composite: Yes
No data available - lost in the Hurricane

Wonderful sequence! Looks like you got very close to full, depending on which eclipse it was. The moon usually isn’t deep into the gradient of the earth’s shadow so one edge is always noticeably brighter – how much varies from one eclipse to the next.

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This one was shot about 4 years ago.

@chris10 , this is such a neat shot. Well done with the timing…the spacing between each moon image looks perfect.

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Chris, the arc of the moon across the frame looks good. The change from just starting to almost totality also looks very good. Maintain the right exposure through a sequence like this is a challenge that you’ve handled well.

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