Blue and Gold Iris

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Exquisite detail and colours!
A tiny nit - that black area on the right might be blended in, and I’d personally clean up the junk around the stem, which I always find bothersome in these perfect blooms.
Another real beauty!

Hi Sandy

Thanks! The original had a very dark background with all the black streaks you see, but good point about that black spot. I missed that and have now corrected it. I am attaching it.

On the stem, I think you mean that other bud? I kind of liked having it there since it isn’t in focus. Maybe I am not appreciating it right.


This is a beautiful Iris, Kathy, and I like the way you captured it. Very nice.

A lovely Iris, Kathy. I like your depth of field and I’m surprised you got that much at 300 mm and f/5. The bokeh seems to be awesome with both Nikon and Canon 300 mm f/4 lenses. You might look at adding a touch of canvas at the top-it feels just a bit crowded to me up there.

Hi Kathy,

There’s a lot to like about this image. Your repost Is better than the original. You can darken the bright spot on the rh side of the flower bud if needed. Otherwise, a beautiful and nicely done iris in awesome light…Jim

Thank you Shirley!

Thank you.
The detail, and bokeh is incredible with these 300 mm lenses , I agree. I took a look at the original and what you see is about 40-45% of the raw image. So , I could have moved in a bit more, although most of what I eliminated was due to wanting a square format.

I put a little more room on top in this latest repost.


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Kathy: Each iteration is a little bit better but your staring point is spectacular. Marvelous subject superbly rendered.>=))>

Excellent, Kathy.

Each incremental step is an improvement. These bearded irises are beautiful, but tough to render a decent background with, because of the large surround of leaves. You have done a remarkable job.

Thanks Bill!

Thank you. I got quite lucky with this little specimen as it was in kind of a clearing as far as other blooms go. I’m still mining last year’s shoots as I still can’t shoot and really there are no flowers here yet, only snow.


Gorgeous portrait. Agree with others that each little tweak has made this even better - always striving to make an image the best it can be - and you’re doing that. Cool.

I don’t think this has been mentioned, so I will. LOVE to colors! (which also means great job on the processing.)


Kathy, for me you have created a superb photo for delicate lights and colors, sharpness, cleanliness and an elegant design. Thanks to the good suggestions the photo is surely improved but in the details because the image is splendid also in the original.

Thanks Lon!

Thank you very much for these nice comments Gigi!

Yup, that did it!
Congrats on the WP!

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Thanks Sandy!