Blue beauty

Found this beauty in Brazos Bend State Park … I liked the “unplanned”

bokeh, that runs off at an angle.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any pertinent technical details:

Lucy, I like this immensely, including the perch and the angled light blobs imitating the D’fly. I think this would do better in the macro gallery; there is not much here to critique. It is that good!

Hi Lucy,

The artistic presentation of the bokeh is very nice. The head and quite a bit of the body of the dragonfly is soft. Your lens actually has locked onto the perch behind the df. So the next time, lock your auto-focus on the head. The comp is nice and I think that your unplanned photo came out very nice…Jim

Lucy, the pose, the df’s colors and the bokeh all work together very well and make for a “lively” image. I also like how the shadows of the wings cross the eyes. I agree with Jim the the focus is just a hair behind the body of the df. The touch of softness does create an interesting bit of double vision on the df, which might make a photo art treatment worth investigating.

I very much like the combination of blue and brown. The diagonal formed by the body of the dragonfly and the beautiful bokeh disks make a strong composition. I also like the wings being in line with the perch. I could only wish for a bit more sharpness on the dragonfly and a bit less reflection (polariser). You might try to darken the white spot near the bottom. Apart from that very nice.

This is very artistic. Love the lens bokeh here …very well seen
Balan Vinod