Blue Ice/Golden Sky

This was my first trip to Greenland. I was just in awe of the size and shape of this iceberg. The glow on the ice, the texture and shape of the ice, and the color on the clouds and sky at dawn were magical.

Specific Feedback Requested

I want to know how this image comes across. Is it too saturated? What emotions does it evoke? How can I improve it?


Technical Details

1/125", f/8, ISO 500, 300mm. Processed in Lightroom Classic: HL, shadows, whites, blacks, texture, clarity and dehaze. I think I also used Topaz Sharpen or Denoise AI.


For me the image evokes this sense of calm and serenity as there is just something about this casual floating on the water with the warm glow of the sun that just creates this atmosphere in my head. I think the color treatment of the sky is good and not overdone. Perhaps the blues can be knocked down a bit in the shadow areas. Also it does seem a bit tilted towards the left hand side so perhaps a bit of clockwise rotation to set the horizon a bit more straight.

Peaceful, beautiful morning. Awe inspiring too.

I like the composition overall. I like that the main part of the berg with the sun on it is in the left side, giving a feeling of facing to the right. The long stretch of ice somehow reminds me of a tongue. Colors look great to me.

I could wish for that forward block of ice to not be there, since it obscures some of that wonderful morning sunlight on the curve of the main berg. But, of course nothing to be done about that.

All in all, this is a real winner, Bill.

Beautiful photo, very well done. The composition is fabulous as are the colors. Saturation is always a subjective thing. At first look, I thought everything was perfect, but then when you asked about the saturation I had the thought that perhaps the sky was just a tiny bit oversaturated. Not a big deal.

Wow, now that’s some gorgeous light! I’m a sucker for images with the cool/warm, yellow/blue colour combination so this image is right up my alley. Beautiful work, compositionally and no nits from me! :blush:

Thanks for all of your responses. I will work on toning down the sky and blue shadows a little. As for the horizon, I checked and it looks straight both for the sky and the bottom of the berg tongue. Yes, the front block of ice would be good if gone. Content Aware Fill just doesn’t do it. I’m glad that the image evokes peace, beauty, calm and serenity. That is what is does for me and I hoped it would do the same for others. It is always hard for me to separate my own feelings about the image from the image itself. Being there at that moment was something special. But the image needs to work on its own, separate from my feelings when I was there.