Blue Kaweah

Driving out of Sequoia National Park I saw this and thought a long exposure would make for a soft image. The low January flows allowed plenty of exposed rocks

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn) Olympus E-PL7 / Olympus M. 14-42 / 41mm / ISO 100 / f20 / 30 seconds

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Lovely photo. Well captured. My only advice would be to clone out the branches poking up into the water on the bottom, because they draw my eye there. Also, the small tree in the left corner draws my eye so I would darken its trunk. Overall, a great composition with beautiful light!

Thank you Tony. I really appreciate your feedback!


A couple of great choices here - 1. for stopping. :smile: and 2. going for the long exposure. For me, the water is far enough away that detail is NOT a requirement and the soft cascades just compliment the gentle flow of the river top to bottom. The comp is excellent too with the slim, but classic s-curve. And I like how the water enters the frame up top.

Yeah, I’m wishing the branches weren’t intruding at the bottom. A crop/clone combo could work or just cloning, which looks problematic. I kinda like the swirl in the bottom pool. I’m also with Tony on the white trunk up top. Minor, but pulls the eye a bit; crop/clone or otherwise burn down.

Now I’m liking the glacial-turquoise colos in the water; the cooler WB looks appropriate. This is a tough image as there is a diversity of color and so difficult to settle on color balance… but in playing a little, I think the landscape/rock (all but the river) could be warmed up a tad. Some of the green plants (LLC) are pretty blue/cyan and warming might green them up a little.

I like this quite a lot. It’s real close in terms of processing, but I think needs something.


Thanks Lon. The blue/cyan I see now and will look to make adjustments. Thanks so much for helping me learn!

Ken, i too am glad you stopped for this scene, the S-curve of th eriver is great, and there is some interesting color and textures in the rocks and cliffs.

I agree with @Lon_Overacker about the white balance being too cool or cyan. While this WB is appropriate for the river water, IMO the land would be more appealing with a warmer WB. This WB adjustment does not to be done globally. I did a rework where I warmed the image up, and in photoshop masked that warming adjustment away from the river by painting on a mask ot hide the adjustment. See below. This now gives you a nice warm/cool color contrast.

Very nice image. I prefer the original. It’s a cold January morning so it should look cold.

I would have used a faster shutter speed but it’s not as though the river is solid white. Lovely image.