Bluebells #2

While we’re “social distancing” but not in lockdown, I’ve been able to visit a couple of my favorite natural areas. However, the appearance of the sun has been rare, as in a few hours every third day. I did get to spend several hours visiting these Bluebells with some sun or very light overcast, which gives a lovely green glow to the background leaves. This is an 8 shot stack, to get most of the buds sharp. (5D3, 180 mm macroL, 1/125 s, f/16, iso 800, tripod)

Mark: Light like this is challenging but rewarding IMO. I love the comp and the stack looks pretty good to my untrained eye. Top notch. >=))>

Very nicely composed, Mark. This is tricky light, as Bill noted, but the bright greens are attractive. The stack brings up the buds good and sharp - though ideally I might wish for their being a bit less contrasty.

You’ve handled a difficult lighting situation nicely. Don’t know anything about stacking, but the result is tack sharp. It is so nice to see flowers again. Thanks for posting these.


The glow up top and in the central leaf is quite wonderful. The downside for me is that I think it’s taking away from the main cluster of the bluebells. Clearly there is an attraction and a beauty in those back-lit leaves… and granted, you’ve done a great job with the exposure and presentation of the primary bluebell subject… but at least for me, I’m not clear what was the main attraction.

If one just takes a look at this from a holistic, big picture image - it’s quite striking and beautiful. If it’s an image about bluebells, then the glow of the upper leaves is detracting.

Not sure if that makes sense… but regardless, you did an outstanding job with exposure control and processing.