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Technical Details

1/320 f/14 ISO 200

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Wonderful abstract image with some beautiful lines Andre! I also liked the side light on each of the lines. The upper left corner feels a bit empty so perhaps a crop to focus more on the right section of the image would be my suggestion. Thank you.


Thanks Alfredo. Good call.

Terrific abstract, Andre. I agree with @Alfredo_Mora that the upper left could use some brightening. The light highlighting the sand is fantastic. Wonderful texture too.

Really eye-catching image - I agree with @Alfredo_Mora on the upper left section. Otherwise nothing else to add on my end. I like it!

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Thanks Matt.

Lovely the way the shapes all seem to be dancing to the right. I wonder what it might look like to darken the UL corner? That corner works for me to lead the whole image dancing to the right. Just a thought

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Thanks John, I’ll give it a try.


Wonderful abstract of nature. The lines, light, contrasts, textures and detail all combine for a simple and beautiful image.

I will concur just for the record, comments about the upper left. Not a huge detriment, but I think you have a couple of crop options that would be just slightly stronger. The first option I think has been mentioned, simply cropping in from the left. I haven’t checked, but I’m just wondering where/how you would draw the line with the wonderful graphics in the lower left quadrant as you crop in.

Speaking of that LL quadrant, I really like the strong graphics of this area and could see an alternate square crop, starting from the LLC and stopping the crop before that UL corner area. Just a thought.

Works quite beautifully as presented too - so let’s not get too far off… :slight_smile:


Striking collection of textures, patterns, and moving lines.

@Lon_Overacker @David_Schoen Thanks for the comments. I tend to use a lot more snapshots in LR (virtual copies in C1) with abstracts. I find I have to leave them for quite some time before I’m happy with my crops, and even then…
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Just a thought?

Thanks David. I’ll add that to my other set of crops and review them in a couple weeks :slight_smile: