Castles Made of Sand

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Technical Details

1/1600 sec f/5.6 ISO 500

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Fantastic image Andre! Love the immersive quality, the colors, and then the slow reveal of the “sand castles”. I think I would prefer to crop out the top right corner as it draws my eye away from the the center. Great job regardless!

Thanks for the feedback Alfredo. I was expecting a comment regarding that TRC. I actually prefer it there, for me it’s a reward/landing spot and let’s the image breath. Based on the definition suggested by Sarah I suspected it might not fit into the Abstract category but I always try to edit for the image and not the category. Thanks again for the feedback always appreciated.

I find this image completely fascinating. I still can’t figure out exactly what is going on…is this taken looking into a wave? Whatever it is, I think it’s beautiful and interesting. I’m glad you already discussed the TRC—I think it would be good either way, but it definitely gives it a different feel. I did like being drawn up there in the beginning before coming back down to explore the details in the reflection…it feels like the photo that keeps on giving.

Awesome image Andre! Had to stare at it for a while to figure out what was going on. Being in Hawaii I see a lot of these types of images but yours is different and more unique. I like the landing spot but when I scroll down and don’t see it anymore the image becomes more abstract. I really like this one either way and could keep coming back to stare at it some more.

@Glenn_Tunaley @amy12 Thanks for the comments. Amy, yes it’s a wave I just played around with the orientation and flipped it.

Cool image. After studying it for awhile, I noticed the reflections of the buildings? trees? in the middle part of the angled line - nice touch. I like the circle in the URC, it anchors the scene. The frame feels a bit tall to me - I could see cropping off the bottom up to where the white clouds end on the angled line.

On another note, congrats on your interview with Matt P. in the latest On Landscape. I enjoyed reading about your photographic journey!

Wonderful image Andre, I just love it. I have to agree with Alfredo about the TRC as it does distract me from fully examining and appreciating the reflection of the buildings that to me really make the photo. Tones and colours are just great.
Just when I think you surely can’t come up with a better image of waves than your last one, wham…along comes another. Cheers.

@Bonnie_Lampley @Phil_G Thanks for the comments. The reflections looked like castles to me and that’s where I got the name for the image. There are no buildings in the reflection, I think they are actually just clouds behind a few trees.
Thanks for the congrats Bonnie, Glad you enjoyed Matt’s great writeup. The journey continues.

Although I understand you want to keep that upper right corner in the frame, without it the image does become more abstract and the focus stays on the reflections in the core of the image. Including the upper corner pulls my eye there too quickly and it’s hard to get back to the really great stuff in the other areas of the photograph. But that being said, each person has their own reasons for keeping things in or taking them out of the frame. It’s a well-seen photograph regardless, Andre!

Thanks for the feedback Brenda.