Bow's Arrows

or A Multitude of Triangles
Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G @ 200mm, CPL
ISO 200, 1/60 @ f8
Bow Lake, Banff NP
Early morning reflections on Bow Lake. I suppose the trees are the flora triangles :roll_eyes:. All comments welcome. >=))>

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Bill, the zig-zag of triangles (both light and dark) works well here. It’s a subtle, gentle scene that speaks well of a quiet morning/evening sitting by a lake.

Wonderful light and great diagonals. The patterns are superb. Very enjoyable landscape.

Bill, very well seen image. A true collection of triangles throughout the scene. Well done…:sunglasses:


Great eye to craft this one. The graphs are outstanding and I think you’ve really made the very best possible given the hot, bright light. Hard to tell what time of day it was; I suppose you could make the light areas warmer to give this an early/late look. But it doesn’t matter because this is about the graphics, lines, diagonals, geometries, etc.

Beautifully seen and captured. Not sure I would change anything, or suggest a change.


What a great composition, Bill. And it’s neat of you to think of this one for the challenge. Very well done.