Breakfast reflection + repost

Just lining up for the perfect reflection when he/she captured breakfast and ruined the reflection, I can live with the result. I have a series where she seemed to play with it or wash it before she flipped it around to swallow it head first. I wasn’t sure if I could include all 4 picture to tell the story.

Specific Feedback Requested

Used topaz to get rid of some reddish pixels in the water.

Technical Details

Canon R6, Canon 100-500, 500mm, f/7.1/,ISO 400,1/2000sec
LR, Topaz De Noise.
All comments welcome.

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It won’t enlarge for me but it looks amazing at the regular size! You caught the perfect moment and the reflection is dynamic without being spoiled. I love the colors. Ripples are a kind of horizon, though, and I would level a line through the ellipse.

Hi Charlie
Well, that a new one, most of the time I line up the shot and the bird flies away. Alway take credit for the good ones and this is a very good shot.

I leveled the eclipse.

Good action shot. Nice light on the heron.

Very nice image Charlie. The selection and the action really make this one.

Very nice capture Charlie. Love the action with the open beak, fish, and water drops. Perfect moment. Very minor nits are that the bird seems to be slightly angled away from us and I think the water could use a little noise reduction.

A great reflection and very cool action, Charlie. To my eye, this feels a bit too saturated and contrasty. I think you could tone that down a bit. Otherwise an excellent image.

Less exposure and a little less contrast.

Thanks for all the feedback.

The repost is much improved, Charlie. Nice catch and nice work on the processing.

Excellent catch for the both of you. The repost looks nice. I will add “+repost” so others know that you made changes in case they would like to see them.

The repost works quite well. A nice catch. Well composed.

I do prefer the repost, Charlie. Nice work.

Really late to be commenting on this one but I thought I would let you know how much I like this image Charlie. It’s a great action shot with a good reflection a nd a nice side angle. I still think the water could use some noise reduction but the repost is certainly my favorite of the bunch.