Bricks of the Banished

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


The Convict Barn stands, its brickwork aged by time, a steadfast remnant of Maria Island’s past. The sky gathers above, the sea stretches wide beside, while grasses, untamed, nestle against the old walls. Built by men who knew chains and toil, the barn keeps its silence about the grain it once held, the air heavy with stories untold.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback welcome.

Technical Details

16 mm at ISO 100 and 1⁄320sec at ƒ/8

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Great capture Don, grim scene. I’m glad I wasn’t around in those times.

There looks to me to be a halo left (particularly) and right of the building but that might be due to a vignette around the border?

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Thanks for the feedback, Mark. I don’t think it’s a halo, probably, as you say, it might be a vignette, although I don’t remember adding one. I will check it out. Thanks! :+1:

This looks great in black & white and I really like the tones in this image. I’d prefer a tiny bit more space above the apex of the roof but that it a minor nit. Nice work!

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Thanks Tom! :pray: