Bug Eyed

I chased this damselfly around the garden this afternoon. It accommodated me by perching on some decent spots and after shooting it hand held for a while I decided to try the tripod as it kept coming back to this one leaf. It let me approach fairly close and I was able to get the body plane parallel to the camera. Please view large, all comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 1600, 1/640 @ f11


Beautifully crisp, with a nice composition on that perch. I might remove the red in the TRC as it pulls my eye a bit, but it’s an excellent catch!

Bravo! Stalking these guys is an art. They seem so much more timid than dragonflies. The color is so rich and the details are perfect. Agree about the red bit.

A nice look at this little guy, Bill. Just a reminder that I am out of town and not able to get on here very much.

Great Photo Bill. The color and lighting as well as the details are perfect. The shadow even is set well with his head. I have learned that Dragonflies tend to return almost to the same spot and angle a couple of times. When one lands I setup the shot just to see them fly off but I know a lot of times they will come back. I also wear darker clothes to not spook them so much.

WOW – wonderful color, detail and sharpness, and a lovely BG!

I will also set up on a nice perch if I see a dragonfly on it, hoping it will return, and it often does. I carry a long stick with a hook on one end and when it is off chasing a bug I can sometimes use it to remove any intrusive elements.

Hi Bill,

Looks pretty good. You know the sharpness is good when you can see the texture of the exoskeleton. Looks fine as presented. Well done…Jim

The sharpness and details are just great. Macro lenses seem to be the ticket for macro insect shots.

Really good focus and really good job getting so square to the little damselfly. F11 worked great.

Hi Bill, wonderful details on this damselfly and the exposure on the body is spot on. Great that you could capture this with a tripod. A fine image.

Bill, the details are outstanding. Chasing damsel’s from a tripod is often frustrating but patience is rewarded like in this shot.