Lucky Catch

This morning I noticed a hibiscus bud opening on our back patio so I set up my A7RIII to take a time lapse sequence that I hope to post soon. I went for a stroll in the garden area out front just to snoop around and found this dragonfly perching on one of our azalea bushes. I rushed in the house to get my old trusty A77II and 200mm macro. I had to hand hold since the A7RIII had claimed the main tripod and I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to set up the backup rig. I was able to get pretty much parallel to the wing and body plane and through the magic of high speed frame rate and AF I got about five keepers out of about 50 shots. I think this was the best. I don’t have good ID resources so if anyone can help with ID it would be much appreciated. All comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Sony A77II
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 800, 1/80 @ f11


Lovely shot. You did a really good job getting square to it. Nice detail through out. I don’t think this is a dragonfly i have ever seen but dandy colors.

Amazing detail in the wings, Bill. With all the rush to capture this fellow, the detail, composition, OOF background and colors are great. Very nicely seen and captured.

Bill, it does pay to keep the old camera for a backup, and this is proof of it. A great shot for sure. Wonderful details in those wings.

Awesome shot Bill. This might be a flame skimmer…Jim

What a beautiful dragonfly!! Definitely a skimmer of some type, but my book is only for the Great Lakes region so doesn’t have this one. So great you were able to get so much of it in focus and with a complementary background. The time lapse sounds pretty cool, too.

Wonderful photo Bill Excellent details and the soft background really brings out the subject

Bill, this is a beauty! The details in the df are awesome, especially the abdomen. The background adds well to a warm intimate view. You did a great job getting parallel. My guess is that this may be a female/immature Roseate Skimmer.

Wonderful detail with great separation from the lovely BG. Excellent job of hand holding! Dragonflies are different in different areas so I won’t venture a guess what it might be but I suspect it might be newly-emerged, as it has no battle scars on the wings. So its coloration could be a little different from mature specimens.