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Not sure if this would be considered a macro, if not please let me know and I’ll move it.
While wondering around our local lake this morning I happened upon this dragonfly who was more than will to let me get a couple of shots before it flew off. Wished she would have hung around long enough for me to get a better angle for the wings.

I haven’t found any ID for this type in my resources, would love to know if someone has information.
Post processing; ACR used linear profile with adjusted auto, PS: cropped, added shadow/highlight adjustment layer.
How is the crop? Detail in the dragonfly? Other thoughts and comments welcome. Thanks.
Nikon D7200, f/5.6, 1/250sec., iso100 @250mm, handheld.

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Linda, I think this is okay in the macro. I love the spider web that is included, as well as the 4 limbs, almost like fingers, for his perch. It looks like it was a cloudy day, so I am wondering if you pulled the contrast up some to see if that would put a bit more punch in the overall image. I love the rain drops hanging from him. I am not positive of the ID.

Hi Linda! Beautiful dragonfly photo! I think it might be some kind of sandragon. Depends on where in the country this is? I did a Google image search, it first came up with common sandragon but they are only in the east. There’s also a gray sandragon which is in AZ…

Agree with Shirley Freeman here. Good shot and a good environment adding to the overall image.

Personally I might add a little bit more space left and right. The square crop feels slightly cramped somehow with a lot going on along the sides of the image but not so much in the center.

Linda, that clubbed tail is likely all you need for an ID, but I’m separated from my ID books and there’s no internet where they are… Far and away the most complete dragonfly/damselfly ID books for North America are the two by Dennis Paulson, “Dragonflies and Damselflies of the East” and “…of the West” from Princeton Press. Since you’re in Texas, you may need both as there’s some overlap. I like the view, with the “fingers” of wood, the spider web and the DF posing well.

Thanks so much, @Shirley_Freeman, @Vanessa_Hill, @Ingemar_Holmkvist and @Mark_Seaver for taking the time to help me out with this photo. Shirley, I did add a brightness/contrast adjustment layer which helped a lot. Vanessa, we live in the hill country of Texas and with the help of Mark, I think I’ve ID this one as a Leaftail. Ingemar, I struggle quite often on cropping. It has been discussed many time here on NPN and my general take a way has been to only keep elements that enhance your vision and to given whatever the focal point room to breath while also including some of the environment. Given all of that I still struggle to satisfy myself. In this repost I did back off a bit with a 3:2 crop given the dragonfly a bit more space. Mark, thanks for the ID book suggestions. I was able to find the above ID.


Linda: I really like the slightly brighter exposure on the repost. I do think the original is tight and would suggest cropping a touch from the left on the repost to make this perfect. Wing angle is OK with me as you have the head and eye sharp. Nicely done. >=))>

Thanks, Bill. It’s harder than I thought to get a good clear shot of the entire dragonfly with the detail in the wings. Just need to keep at it. Appreciate you taking the time to comment.