Fragile Forktailed dragonfly

Not sure if this is a Fragile Forktailed dragonfly, but he was kind enough to sit still for a bit so I could grab a couple of photos.

Once again, I am working on the crop factor. I did crop off from both the right and left. Wanted to make it more vertical but there didn’t feel like there was enough room for the dragonfly to be comfortable. Also burn the background a bit to tone down some of the hot spots. Does anyone happen to know if this is a Fragile Forktailed and also if it is female or male?

Any other thoughts and comments would be great. Thanks.

Nikon D7200, f/16, 1/200sec., iso 250 @105mm, tripod w/remote release.


Linda, this is a really nice shot, in my opinion. Such wonderful details in the subject (sorry, I don’t know if this is a Fragile Forktail). You might could improve the shot with a bit of toning down the bright spots in the BG, but that is feeling like I am nit picking on an excellent shot. I love the composition, just the way you have it. The stem and leaf frame him in nicely too.

super shot! It’s a damselfly of some sort, but I don’t know which. Damsels hold their wings straight up not out to the side and flat like dragonflies do. The light is to die for and I love the upside-down perch. You caught a wing flutter, too, which I’ve hardly ever done. Brava!

Hi Linda, this is a stellar shot IMO. Nice details and color and a fine composition. Well done.

There are spreadwing damselflies - not sure if this is one but it may be worth investigating.

Oops, you are right. I always forget about those guys.

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This is gorgeous, Linda! I love all the greens! And you really captured the details so well! The eyes are so sharp too!

Thanks, @Shirley_Freeman, @Allen_Sparks, @_Kris and @Vanessa_Hill for taking the time to comment. I did check with iNaturalist and several folks there suggested it is a Great Spreadwing damselfy (also that it is a female). Shirley, I did forget to mention that I had burn down some of the hot spots but wasn’t pleased with my results at the time and went back again and feel they not so bothersome now. Thanks again all.


I just love the crisp details! Wow!

Excellent! I love the crop as is. Gorgeous “perch” and BG. The bit of light on the two leaves mimics the wings and is a wonderful touch! The brown on the stem picks up browns on the damselfly as well.

A bit more burn of the two bright BG areas could be worth trying. You might be able to do it by darkening blues and yellows, and masking it off the yellow areas in the damselfly.

Thanks so much @Mark_Muller and @Diane_Miller for your thoughts and comments. And yes, Diane, I did go back and burned down the bright spots a bit more and it is much better. Thanks again.