Burnt Bark #1

I’ve made quite a few photos of burnt bark in the last few years. This is from Lassen Park. The contrast between the bright golden grass and the burnt log was striking, as was the light on the burnt log.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Probably made with an a7, 35mm.


I love Lassen! Of course the one and only time I managed to get there without a snow cat, the main trail was closed!

This is a great piece of the renewal story. The darks are nice and rich and the sheen looks natural. Well handled. I also think that the contrast in the textures between the living and the dead is well presented. Such delicacy in the living and a nearly overwhelming presence of the dead. Like it would be if we were surrounded by ghosts.

The grass seed heads are a great way to show off the burnt log, Bonnie. The details in the blacks are excellent, as is the mix of horizontal motion in the bark and vertical pop in the grass. As I write this, the bottom of the picture was cut off so that only the seed heads were showing. That view works well also.