Bushtit Pull-ups!

Just a few days ago we had about 20 bushtits converge on this bush right outside our windows. They had done this back in the summer/fall coming through a few times decimating the entire population of spiders! This time I could see in one of my photos they were eating little yellow bits of foliage. I’m guessing flowers? Not sure. I ended up going out on the roof of our bus to get the shots. They are very hard to photograph as they are constantly moving!

Specific Feedback Requested

I really like the upside down pose because I think it shows character, but have other photos that might be better and I had the settings better. So I will post a couple others. Would like feedback as always and also if I could get a vote on favorite pose!
Thank you always for taking the time to look and comment!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
The upside down pose is :
Nikon D3400
ISO 800
The other 2 I realized I needed ISO 1600, all other settings are the same. The birds were a tad closer too.
I also did slight crops to take out some blurred foliage in the front.


Nice shots. It does look like the third one is eating some foliage. I usually see them after small plant seeds. They are all good shots. I prefer the pose and good eye contact in the second one best. To my eye there is no problems with noise so that is good to know, ISO 1600 is not a problem for your camera. I also think they could stand a bit more sharpening which always seems tricky. Good job. They a re always on the move.

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These are very good, Vanessa. Bush Tit’s are really tough to photograph because they do move around so fast and they stay in bushes so the backgrounds and foregrounds are tough to get half way clean. I’m really fond of the first image, thought he head turn on the second is wonderful and it would be my favorite were it not for the bright sprig of foliage crossing the tail. You might be able to burn that sprig down enough to help make it less distracting. The third doesn’t appeal to me as much, though it does show a piece of leaf in the beak It’s hard to tell, but there might be a small larva on that leaf-it looks like it.

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Thanks David! Yeah, 1600 iso is about the threshold for my camera, it’s mainly hard when I’m in the woods and I have to go up to 3200 it starts to look grainy. So when you say, ‘sharpen’, is it to bring out the details more? Like in the feathers? Or is it that it’s blurry? I just learned from Shirley that when you shoot in Raw you always have to make adjustments… So is it just because of that?

Thanks Dennis! I’m glad you like them! And that you like my favorite one the best! They still are coming around so I might be able to get some better shots!

It does not look blurry to me. Just a bit of sharpening to bring up the detail.

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