Butterfly showing off

I was in the Tucson Botanical Gardens butterfly house so I wanted to try some butterfly photography.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 6D ii Canon 100-400 ii with a diffused flash. HH ISO 320 f/22 1/320 sec I had to repair the right wing the very end was missing.


Poor butterfly. It’s really pretty with the blue in its wings. It seems like it doesn’t have blue on the right side. Is it because it was hurt? Nice capture and I can’t tell where you repaired it! I only see at the bottom right a little bit of the wing gone too. Poor thing,all kinds of chinks taken out of his wings! But still beautiful!

Brilliant colors and sharpness - great shot!

It’s a Clipper (Parthenos sylvia). They’re quite common in S-E Asia. You caught it in very good light and it’s standing out well from the BG. Certainly in better condition than you see in some Butterfly Gardens. Good shot, Dean.

Very nice, Dean. It is a beautiful butterfly and you did a wonderful job capturing the details in it, and even the repair job on the wing. My old eyes can’t see where you had to repair it. I like how the buds to the right of the butterfly seems to fit with the shape of the wing.

The color variation is a factor of the light hitting the facets on the wings. This is a really nice clipper and a good solid capture. Nice job on your cleanup efforts. >=))>

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Nice job on this beauty Dean. Very interesting patterns and your flash work looks good. Nice sharpness on the upper wings - sharpness seems to soften on the lower wings. Nice capture.

Thanks all, Butterflies are so jumpy they just don’t sit very long.