California Poppy + Repost

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

All comments welcome!

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If the background has been replaced, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

This was shot in April in a stand of poppies that had been seeded but were otherwise wild, not in a garden. It was a calm early morning and I was able to do a focus stack, compiled in Zerene Stacker. Canon 5D4, ISO 200, f/5, 1/500, small tripod with RRS B-25 ballhead. Some BG softening with partial opacity cloning.

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Very beautiful image, Diane! Really enjoy every detail you captured. And details on the foreground bud are just amazing. The second bud in background is perfectly positioned and properly blurred.
If anything, I would tone down just a little the part of background leaf next to the left flower petal. It feels a little too bright.

Thanks, Lana – I hadn’t noticed that and now that I see it I can’t unsee it! It was easy to tone it down with partial opacity cloning.

Diane: Great capture of this poppy and I agree with Lana regarding the buds. The repost is a nice improvement on an already fine image. >=))>
PS: I edited your title to reflect the repost. It’s always a good idea to do that so that others will know to revisit the image.

Very lovely image of this poppy. Great job of focus stacking!

Thanks everyone! Bill, I remembered to do that for a post in another area here – I’ll get it through my head eventually! Keep reminding me… I was never completely satisfied with this image and have done more tonal tweaking. I increased the contrast on the poppy, lowered it more in parts of the BG (low opacity cloning) and added some canvas on the left. Then I decided what I really like was a B/W version, attached here.

Beautiful Diane. Being from California, poppies are one of my favorite flowers, lots of memories. Re-post looks great and I really like the detail you’ve gotten in the water droplets, very nice.

Beautiful image and stacking done well. I echo the comments of others. Well captured, composed and presented.

Diane, this is a lovely, well done stack. The details in the bloom and in the bud and leaves behind the bloom are outstanding, with the red tips being quite a striking feature.

Thanks everyone! I can’t wait for them to bloom again next spring!

In addition to the position of the flower in the frame and pleasing background, the curve in the stem is an important element. Do like both the colored and b&w versions. Both work nicely.

I am weighing in late it seems (lot going on in my life right now). It is a beautiful image in both B&W and color, Diane. I agree with all comments.

Thanks guys! Shirley, many sympathies for the life issues.