Canada Gosling greeting the morning w/Repost

I happened upon this cutie early one morning at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in Washington. This was when I had a long lens and was trying my hand at avian photography. I’ve subsequently realized it’s not my forte. Anyway, here’s a fun shot.

Repost: I had to go back to the original Raw file to pull down the highlights and retrieve the detail. I processed it in Capture One. The original was in Adobe…Hope this looks better:

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D III, 600mm f/4 @ f/4.5, 1/500 sec, ISO 100, beanbag on the car window.

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Nice light and pose. I might try to fix the blown whites on the head and neck.

Hi David
I wouldn’t give up on birds just yet. This photo has good framing with a nice low angle, the detail and color are very pleasant and the only thing to work on is the clipping on the head and neck.

Hi David, really nice light and I like the “over the shoulder” glance you caught. Cute image. I noticed the hot spot on the neck also but it really doesn’t detract much for me. Critical focus seems to be on the back of the bird rather than the head. A pleasing image.

@David_Schoen, @Peter, @Allen_Sparks, thanks for the great comments. I posted a new process up above. I went back to the original Raw file to pull back the highlights. Allen I also added a bit more sharpening to the head/eye area.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

Hi David, I really love how the light is outlining this little one. And I love the details of the fuzzy feathers. Really cute pose you captured!

I live the light and the detail in this image.

What a great capture. The pose has a bit of regal about it that is at odds with its fluffy plumage. I like it for that unusual quality. The re-post with the reduced highlights is a nice improvement. I’m not sure about the added grass below the belly - it seems you cloned it out for the first shot maybe? Also the white balance is changed and I find it a bit too green. That should be easy to fix if you’re so inclined. What a cute shot though.