Canna 1

Sony A77II Illustration Mode
Sony 70-400G-II @ 330mm
ISO 400, 1/200 @ f8
I made a quick trip to the Mercer Arboretum this past week and found a number of nice looking orange Canna Lilies. I’m experimenting with some different capture and processing modes. The raw material for this was a capture with my camera in illustration mode and then processing in Lightroom, Luminar 4 and eventually PS. Please view large to appreciate the textures. I hope to post a small series of these for your consideration. All comments welcome. >=))>

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Beautiful image Bill. The colors, textures and lines are a feast to the eye. The background texture would work better for me if it did not include the flower. Still it has great impact!

A very nice image, Bill. Really like the added texture and how the lines seem to magnify the beautiful colors, especially the lower stems and buds.