Canvasback Coming In

Shot this guy on a winter day in Maryland this year. One of the last shots of the day.

Pretty close to full frame. Just made a few adjustments in C1P, sharpened the bird in PS, and reduced noise on the BG. All C&C welcome.

500mm f/4 II, handheld
ISO 1250

Superb detail and wing position, Lyle. The blue in the water seems a bit much, but it could be accurate. I find the bird rather centered. You might lop about half the distance to the bird off the right and add the corresponding amount on the left.

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Excellent with the wing position and facial view, all with nice detail. Agree with Dennis that more room to fly into would be nice.

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A dandy flight shot. You got the eye, wing, a side view and all in sharp focus. I guess the nit is a bit more room for the bird.
It is a really nice way to end the day.

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This is a nice detailed shot of the bird. Agree with Dennis on the blue, it feels pretty overpowering. My biggest wish is that there was MUCH more room in the frame for the bird.

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Thanks all. This is why it’s good to get feedback from outside observers. I increased the saturation of this photo the same amount as I do every RAW, whether it’s wildlife or landscape, so I didn’t even pay much attention to the blue. I agree that it could stand to be saturated a bit. Also, given that this is basically full frame, I don’t have anymore room to the left, but I doubt it’d be hard to add some canvas in PS.

Adding to all the above, Lyle, those two actions (desaturating the blue and adding some canvas) will strengthen this great in flight shot even further. Definitely worth the effort ! Cheers,