Cape Hauy: The Titan's Spire +Rework


Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


At Cape Hauy, the cliffs rise up like nature’s own fortress, with sharp lines and towering heights that command respect. This part of Tasmania is a geologist’s dream, showcasing the raw power of volcanic activity from millions of years ago. The dolerite columns are a characteristic feature, formed by the cooling and cracking of lava. This natural bastion, carved by wind, waves, and time, is a sanctuary for seabirds and a beacon for those who seek the solace of unspoiled nature.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback welcome.

Technical Details

18 mm at ISO 640 and 1⁄800sec at ƒ/8

Excellent scene here, Don. I like the B&W version here too. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a take of this natural structure before. Which is a real rarity for as many images as I’ve reviewed over the years. Very nice indeed… :sunglasses: :+1:
Only thought for another look might be a slight crop in on the left to the base of the main structure base. Just an idea there. Not sure if you had any key-stoning to deal with. Hard to see in this size of the image… :thinking:

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Thanks Paul appreciate your feedback. I’ll take a look at that crop thanks! :+1:

Here is a little more info about the location if you are interested. I shot it from a boat approx. 400m offshore.

Don, you’re very welcome. Thanks for sharing the link too. That is some rugged coastline to say the lest.
The crop idea is just that. If not a full crop to the base maybe split the difference. Again, the image is excellent as is just a thought for another look…take care !

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It’s a very dramatic view, Don! B&W was a great choice for this. The slight crop that @Paul_Breitkreuz mentions would be good but it works like this as well. I do feel there is a slight keystoning, you might try to transform it and see what that does. Sometimes it works, other times not so much!

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@brenda_tharp @Paul_Breitkreuz

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I have cropped the image the way you suggested. I’m not sure there was much keystoning, however I did try a small amount of vertical transformation, I think it improved it. Below is an image from a a slightly different angel perhaps this better shows the slight natural inclination of the cliffs. Thanks again for your thoughts!

Don, the crop rework is good for me and that was the general idea. Subtle but effective.
The new image here is another very clean look at this formation. Looks like you have gotten a few from various locations with options for your personal likes in the end… :cowboy_hat_face:

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Great second image! I like this one better, honestly. just convert it to black and white and you’ve got a winner!

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Thanks Brenda, I think I agree, might have a look at the rest of them. Appreciate your feedback! :pray:

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YES! :smiley: Love this result

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Thanks for the idea Brenda, glad you like it! :pray: