Caspian Tern

Taken at Ft. Stevens park, one of the best bird photography locations on the Oregon coast, this past July. A nice tidal flat and wetlands with lots of birds depending on season.
Very tide dependent.
D500, 700mm (500pf w/ 1.4), f8, 1/3200, iso800

Supper clean and sharp! Great catch…by both you and the bird!

Excellent detail and a beautiful flight pose from the Tern, Dan. It’s probably pixel peeping, but I think I’m seeing a slight sharpening fringe on the top of the head and beak and along the underside of both the tern and the fish, but it might just be my eyes.

Good job on the blacks and whites and getting the black eye to stand out from the black cap. The fish elevates the shot from the ordinary. Nice one.

Nice job, catching it with a prey. Wing position is pleasant as well. All in all a very nice and illustrative image. Cheers, Hans

A well executed flight shot. Nice and sharp, good wing, position and you got the tern with a fish. Very nice.

Cool composition. Good flight shot. I see some image quality issues so I’m assuming this is a fairly large crop. I also see fringing and slight sharpening halo above the head and beak. I wonder if you could darken the background a bit to increase the contrast.