Catching a flight

I took this a couple of weeks ago on a hike so no tripod. Canon 90D 100-400 ii at 400 f/18 iso 1250. One this photo it is cropped quite a bit. I removed the background noise, The background is busy so I need to focus on that more, did not have much of a choice with this bush. The white twig that goes from center to the right also had on dropping down from the middle so I removed that one as it was too much. The bee is fairly clear except when the wings meet so not sure if the DOF was the issue here or the moving wings. This is may be the best bee in flight I have so far so I need to practice more. No flash.

Any thoughts on this one is welcome

A wonderful capture, Dean. I think the wings look fine. Nice details in the bee.

Dean: This looks pretty good to me. The head and eye of the bee are sharp so I think the critical DOF/POF choice is good. Some movement in the wings is OK by me and since you can still see some good detail in the wings I think your SS was about right too. :+1: :+1:>=))>

Dean, this works just fine. Getting the bee’s body and especially the pollen covered legs is the key. The background is very appropriate and decently out of focus.

Thanks everyone, this is all helping me get better over time. I enjoy insects which maybe that is a bit odd but the color contrast they can have is a amazing and how fine of details they have.