Iceland, March 2022. We were a group of photographers and we have arrived at one of the many spots where the glaciers release their icebergs to the sea. But, what caught my eye was the mountainous area further away. I could barely see waterfalls in the gorge, and I remember thinking how great it would to be closer. After downloading the image and seeing it more closely, I was amazed by the contrast of the snow and bare areas. It was almost like looking at the negative of the image.

Specific Feedback Requested

How does it work with the high-key, low contrast depiction? And of course, anything you would like to share. Thanks!

Technical Details

ISO 80
1/10 s
200 mm
Processed high-key, this image has been cropped from a larger image.

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Hi Gary - Thanks so much for sharing this photo. I think the high key presentation works quite well. I could also see a darker, higher contrast version or a black and white version working, too. Lots of opportunities for different interpretations here.

I do not have a lot of feedback aside from a few detailed things as I think the composition and processing work well overall. You could consider cloning out a few bits of mountain that catch the eye, just to simplify this even further (specifically some of the spots that are alone in the expanses of snow). And I think you could go even brighter. When I looked at the photo on a white background, the snow looked like a light blue. I think you could move it toward a brighter, lighter blue and it would still work well (for example, I added a curve and just pulled it up and liked the result).

Hi Gary,

This is really good in my opinion.
What strikes me the most is the scale, this looks massive (unless the waterfalls are tiny but I doubt that’s the case).
It took me a minute to find all of the waterfalls. It looks to me that they start at about 1/3rd the way down from the top of the frame (at least the visible ones).
The waterfalls at the bottom of the frame are slightly cutoff but including more of that area might not have been possible for many reasons.

The high key presentation looks realistic to me, I remember viewing some of these mountains from a passenger airplane while on a return trip from Sweden and this looks very close to what I saw and captured with my camera at 35,000 ft.

It does seem to have a bit too much blue in it, maybe try +7 or +8 with the temperature slider in Lr or similar software just for the heck of it? It probably needs something like +15 or so to be white, so maybe somewhere in between might be worth exploring “but, that’s a matter of personal preference”.

I think it works as presented. :slight_smile:

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Hi Mervin!
Thanks for this fruitful feedback. I had almost forgot I uploaded this image😏Yes, it was massive. I actually cropped this image from a larger image of the mountains (which was a little of a challenge). Thanks for the thoughts on the temperature, something to experiment with.

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