Celapabhal Mirror

The Isle of Harris has some of the very best beaches in the world with miles of golden sand and deserted beaches. This is the estuary next to one of the biggest and arguably the best, namely Scarasta. On this occasion I opted to shoot perhaps the longest sea reflection shot I have ever encountered. This occurs because the water is only inches deep and consequently despite its immense size the water settles quite quickly and as this day was virtually windless the sheer scale of the mirror is admirably conveyed and established by the tiny farm house on the extreme left. This is a five image stitch in Photomerge CS5 from a GFX50S with 32-64 zoom.

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Hey Ian, I really like the calmness of this image! At first I thought maybe adding some contrast into the sky would be good, then I second guessed that because of how subtle this image is. My suggestion would be to maybe crop some off of the right side. The two “small” hills on the extreme right hand side caught my eye pretty quickly and pulled me away from the main subject in the middle.
Great shot!

It is kind of bizarre this picture. I have several versions including one with a more contrasty and colourful sky but in truth I much prefer this duller less contrasty version. I originally left the low lying island on the extreme right to counter balance the houses extreme left but I can certainly see it without the right hand features.

Understandable, I almost think you could crop all the way to the edge of the main subject so that the land runs the entire width of the image.

That is an amazingly huge reflection. I figured you left those dark lands on the far right to balance the little houses, but I could see this without the right-hand land, too. I love the low-contrast look; it feels right for the scene.

Ian, I have enjoyed your past posts, but especially you latest ones, especially this one. I like it as presented with no changes.

Ian, I like this as presented, I wouldn’t change a thing. I like having the land on the right. I think it helps balance the composition better, the mountain needs the breathing room on the right. And I think the low contrast processing is helpful in bringing out the subtle earth tone colors in the landscape. Nicely done…

Awesome reflection Ian. I too love the soft feel of the less contrasty sky and feel that if you added contrast it would pull the eye a lot. I’m thinking maybe this could benefit from a less warm white balance. I can go either way on the far right side of the image and I can see both points of view. It certainly helps to create less tension with the small hills than without and I think it better balances the scene but I like it both ways. Another nice image Ian. Happy Holidays to you.