Kinloch Hourn, Highlands, Scotland.

This is actually quite an old image shot on my Pentax 67II. I have always liked it and it appears that others do too as I have just been asked for a large print. The original was processed on an Epson flat bed scanner and it was always asking quite a bit to get the shadow and highlight detail which was held very satisfactorily on film but suffered somewhat in the scan so I recently re-did it using my Nikon Coolscan 90000ED and I hope and trust that the finished print will look much better that the original scan that was made.

Based on this re-scanned image, I don’t think you are going to have to worry about the print. This image is spectacular, both the processing and the composition. The mix of dappled light is gorgeous, but I especially like the light on the cottage, and the top of the darker mountain to the right. Regarding the composition, there are a lot of great things in the image and it’s masterfully arranged. Beautiful work as always Ian, there is just so much to appreciate in this image.

It will make a fine print. Wish we had scenes like this here in the US.

Ian, this is a terrific image of a very lovely scene. I can see why someone would want a large print of this.

Hello Ian, you made a great image: I like the composition, colours, textures and the quality of light is fabulous. The road leads the eye from foreground to background.

This is gorgeous! A dramatic scene, well composed with wonderful light! It looks like your scan captured everything it needed to.

This has a storybook look to it. The light must be really special in Scotland. As usual, the colors from your Pentax days are vibrant yet not overly so. Yes the light on the cottage is great but also the road adds to the composition. Not much to advise here. I just wish I could live there.

I love how the road leads right to the dappled light on the mountain. You crafted another stunning Scottish landscape Ian.