Chaos After the Burn

In September of 2020 Western Oregon suffered devastating wildfires due largely to drought. This was taken along the McKenzie River three months after the fire. I like that you can see little bits of green growth emerging from the denuded hillside.

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Thanks for sharing this, Chris. What a scene total desolation, yet green growth peeping through
To me the fog/haze in the distance seems like smoke, still smoldering after the fire.

Chris, you’ve captured the mood of a recently burned forest quite well. It is amazing how fast those bits of green pop up, for sure. The fog(?) does look like smoke and adds to the eerie feeling.

@Bonnie_Lampley @Mark_Muller Thank you both for your comments. It is fog in the photo.

Chris, what a stark reminder of just how bad things are around the globe, but for us western states dwellers it is all too real year around now. Sadly, our recent overwhelming rain falls here in California usually leads to over optimism and excessive water usages. As our state never stops growing where the water isn’t the constant channeling and diverting of the resources becomes a battle between private end users, farmers, industry and of course housing expansions.

Chris, the tiny bits of green sure do stand out in this maze of burnt trees.

@Mark_Seaver @Paul_Breitkreuz Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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