Chapin Spectre

My first winter trip to Rocky Mountain NP found me up on Trail Ridge Road overlooking the Chapin Pass area for one of my favorite sunsets ever. This was taken with my first DSLR and I was concerned about how it would weather the cold conditions. I found that the camera fared better than me. While hiking around I was fine but standing still waiting for the light was tough to handle. This scene made the discomfort worth it. All comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Sony A100
Minolta 24-85 @ 28mm
ISO 100, 1/13 @ f8


Amazing image Bill! I love the detail you were able to capture in the mountains. And of course the cloud formation lit up by the sun is stunning. Great shot! Definitely worth the wait!

Bill, this is a great look both at the “Front Range” and the wave cloud over the mountain. In the large view, I see a touch of snow blowing off of the top of the second peak from the left.

Bill, you captured a great sunset. My first thought was that I didn’t like all the blue sky, but the more I look, the more I think it works well. It creates a nice yin/yang shape with the clouds, and the sunlit edge of cloud is a nice divider between the two areas.

It looks like you lightened up the lower distant mountains, but there’s a pretty hard transition line that sticks out to me. I would try to smooth that out some. That same area looks more blue than the upper mountains as well.

Colorado sunsets can be spectacular. You caught some wonderful cloud colors. Blends nicely with the snow covered mountains.

The clouds & the kiss of sun on the peaks is wondrous.

Worth it indeed, Bill. I can see why this is one of your favorite sunsets as that kiss of warm light on the tops of the peaks is a magical moment. I love that cloud as it fans out over the mountain range. My only suggestion would be to try and even out the blue a little towards the URC as it looks a little dark. This had to be wonderful to witness first hand.