Chapin Specter

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I took my first winter trip to Rocky Mountain NP in December of 2010. I can’t remember why I was in Colorado as I can only remember one trip I made there for a medical conference and that was in 2014. Trail Ridge Road was closed for the winter below Rainbow Curve if I recall correctly but I was able to get to a point to observe this sunset over Chapin Pass. This was taken with my first DSLR. I had many thousands of $$$ in Minolta gear and I was despairing of having to switch to Nikon or Canon when Sony acquired Minolta. At that time it was uncertain if Sony would commit to the DSLR movement so I was hoping they would hang in there. Of course they have and even though the old Minolta/Sony A mount system is fading away I have very fond memories of all the experiences I’ve had. I still shoot occasionally with my Minolta 200mm macro but those old legacy lenses are pretty much resting in the bag.

Specific Feedback

I had to use some generative fill on the FG mountain side. Can you tell where it was used?

Technical Details

Sony A100
Minolta 24-85 @ 35mm
ISO 100, 1/5 @ f8

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  • Emotional Impact and Mood:
  • Composition:
  • Balance and Visual Weight:
  • Depth and Dimension:
  • Color:
  • Lighting:
  • Processing:
  • Technical:
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I love this image. It looks like a fire ghost is chasing the mountain. The way the cloud shape mimics the mountain is just beautiful. and the combinations of colors - the blue and orange as contrasting the black and white it truely mesmerizing. It looks like two different images combined. I don’t know if this is the section you changed but the front center of the frame is much lighter the darker part right after and it is a bit distracting. I would darken that part a little to push the eye into the frame - to the light mountains and then to the sky or to go between the light mountains and the sky. Just my sense. But really haunting picture.

Bill, this is a great look at a wave cloud lit by the setting sun. I’ve used generative fill a few times and basically found it to work extremely well. There’s a section of dark trees in the left half that have a blue cast, but that could be natural (reflected blue sky), otherwise I don’t see anyting obvious. That bit of blowing snow off the middle peak is a special addition.

Certainly a neat catch. The cloud formation reminds me of the auroras we have top and bottom of our planet. Sweeping and somehow animate even in a still image. It’s a nice mix of earth and sky which can be hard to do and I can’t tell where you applied Gen Fill. That tool is hella creepy sometimes when it seemingly does the impossible.

I know what you mean about making the switch from 35mm film gear to the first DSLRs. I had a similar experience with Olympus, but had to adapt all my lenses even to their first DSLRs. I still have most of them and yeah, they pretty much are in storage. The last one I used, a 90mm f/2 macro, had to be repaired and the tech said he couldn’t ever do it again and that using it was basically breaking it. So I sprung for a digital equivalent, which I love, but miss that old lens in my daily work.