Charcoal Peak

Melfjordbotn, Senja, Norway

Subdued sunlight, light sleet, mountains and spindly birch trees barely visible above the drifted snow that looked as though they were etched in charcoal, provide a monochromatic palette (By the way this is not a black and white), that I find stunningly beautiful. Once again I don’t suppose they will thrill everybody but for me they are hugely evocative.


I like this one very much, Ian. This actually looks better on a white background than the dark. One thing I would do is very slightly, almost imperceptibly, darken the sky. I you do so to increase the tonal separation from the snow and to adds a touch more variability to the tonal value in the sky itself. There are slightly lighter portions in there which are attractive.

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While not as mysterious or enchanting as your previous post - this one still has it’s own impression - and it’s a great one. I love how you composed and framed the starkness of the barren, forelorned trees within the rocky peak. Initially I was thinking of cropping some of the clouds because there’s a lot of space up there not adding anything really… but then again, this is NOT suited for a more narrow, pano crop; at least I don’t think so.

I think Igor’s subtle edit is excellent. A very slight change that I don’t think changes anything you might have seen or experience… but visually that very slight separation works. At least for me.

Keep 'em coming.


I much prefer this version to the last Ian. (That probably says more about me and my artistic sense than it does about the images :grinning:) I love the combination of subtle and dramatic that the background holds, and the branches make a nice contrast for the foreground. I also think you were dead on to include so much empty above; I think that emphasizes the lower part of the image. I too think Igor’s version is a good call.

I much prefer this one, as well. Beautifully stark and striking. It feels cold, too.

This is a really great shot Ian. Maybe the best you have posted for cc yet.

I like the composition and how you have taken care to make sure the trees are isolated against the mountain and don’t cross the ridge line. I agree with @Igor_Doncov about the sky. It juat adds something slightly ‘more’ to the sky.

My only cc, like the other photo of yours I commented on, would be to allow the mountain a little more room on the left and right side.

Nice work!!


Oh this is a winner on my book, Ian. I like what Igor did to bring up some more tonal contrast to the sky but I also like it as presented. Very well seen.