Checking for pollen

I took this one a year ago, getting time to work on these gets are when I shoot more than I can handle. I am sure I am not alone here. I used my 7D ii and the 180 Macro F/3.5 ISO 5000 1/800 f/25. Bees are so fast I should have lowered the f-ratio, I always worry about diffraction but also have been told I should not be. The shutter speed might be a bit slow here to but as long and I don’t try a large print the see seem or here. At ISO 5000 the darker area on the right had noise. I used NosieWare on only that part. On just the bee I used a very mild high pass filter.
I think there is too much in the right but not sure how to crop it and keep the flower in there as is and keep a 4:3 ratio. Any thoughts as always welcome.

As a side not to others that do not use smart objects in Photoshop, this is very handy with filters and more so plugin filters that open a outside program such as noise ware. When I apply the filter I ignore the area I do not care about and focus on what I do. Since that messes up other parts of the photo this is where the smart object in Photoshop pays off, there is a mask that I invert and only revel what I wanted. If I want to use more than one filter, I duplicate the layer, add the next filter, then create a mask on the layer. Anyway, just a little bit on my work flow for those that might find it useful.

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Dean, a nice look at the flower with the bee on target for it. Nice details in both the flower and the bee. I agree that there is too much empty space to the right of the image, and puts the bee more centered in the image. I have downloaded and cropped from the bottom and right side, leaving it as a 4:3 ratio. What do you think? I did no other edits on it.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman, that is what it needed

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Dean, wonderful capture. I do agree with @Shirley_Freeman about the crop. Thanks for sharing your process in Photoshop about smart objects. I never tried that but looks like it is really useful. Definitely give that a go.

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Dean: Nicely captured. I cropped to 4:5 ratio and think that works too. Love your bees. >=))>

Dean, yes, this is a fine catch with the bee nicely sharp (and carrying a good bit of pollen). Both of the crop suggestion are nice improvements.