Chestnut-backed Chickadee

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I posted a question awhile back about a horizontal perch and the composition and got some excellent feedback on tilting it, which worked very nicely. In this case, I can’t do that without the water drop flowing off the image. To my eye, the pose of the Chickadee makes this composition work, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on the issue.

Any pertinent technical details:

7Dii, Sigma 150-600 C @ 600 mm, tripod with Ball Head and Sidekick, f/8, 1/800, iso 3200, aperture priority, pattern metering, -1 EV. Processed in LR & PS CC. Cropped to 14.4 MP. Taken August 31st at 10:59 am under cloudy skies.

It’s certainly an interesting pose with excellent detail and nice natural BG, Dennis. As to rotating, I think that since this is a crop, I’m wondering if that might still work with a CCW rotation. Seems the shape of the drop appears to be “leaning” that way, just a thought.

Hello, Dennis… Actually I wouldn’t change a thing, the composition works fine with me. The Chickadee seems to be looking intently at something below, that we can’t see and therewith the image gets some tension. Like it as posted. Greetings, Hans

Hi Dennis
The chickadee has great detail and I like the head tilt. I also think the frame works.

Peter, I don’t know, but I’m confident that David would explain it. I’m also still learning the ropes on the new site.

Very nice capture, Dennis. Wonderful detail in the bird and the perch. I like the pealed bark on it, and that water drop as well. Nice background that compliments the bird. I like everything about it, and wouldn’t change a thing.

In this case I have no problem with the horizontal perch primarily because it does have some curve to it and some interesting bark which adds interest. The color is really nice on the perch. Entire images well composed and the pose of the chickadee is different from many images of these birds. Good job on the background and exposure.

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I feel the image is fine without any rotation. The bends and peeling bark provide enough variation to the composition. It goes well with your composition. Excellent techs and background.