This image has a double serenity meaning for me that I’m not sure anyone else will see. The first is the one I hope is obvious. This is a long exposure of an iceberg on a glacier lagoon. It was such a hazy day that it was really easy to isolate a subject and actually there was not much other option. :slight_smile: Simple and serene.

A deeper look with a friend used some imagination. She pointed out a man floating on the water with a large pointy nose sticking up from his head (on the right). I went a step farther and now I see the pointy bit on the right sticking out to the front as his elbow - floating hands behind head. :slight_smile: Once you see it, it’s hard to “un-see”.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any. I feel like I cut it a bit close on the left, but it’s not cropped other than lens correction/straightening.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 100, 1.6s at f/14, 250mm
I did some healing, a levels adjustment, and added a very slight vignette.


Karla, I immediately saw the “recumbent figure” floating peacefully although I’m not sure I’d call that a face on the right ( :laughing:, that’s one heck of a nose!). I’m pretty amazed that an iceberg can look quiet.

@Mark_Seaver Maybe I should call it the other elbow. :smiley: Thanks for your comments. For some reason I find floating ice serene, for the most part.

A stable iceberg in calm water can be a very peaceful and quiet sight, so I think it fits the theme quite nicely, Karla. I can also see the big nosed man floating peacefully with his hands supporting his head and you’re right that I can no longer un-see it :face_with_peeking_eye:

@Gary_Minish Thanks for your comments. It was such a calm and foggy/misty day that it’s rather flat, but maybe that’s okay for serenity. I’m glad there were others who could see the relaxed gentleman. :smiley:

Hey, hey, people, watch it with the nose comments, some of us might be a tad sensitive. Lol.

I live through these vicariously having never seen ice bergs or a glacier. Seems like I probably never will the way things are going. So glad you saw this and took the time to take it and share.

@_Kris I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wish I could say that I saw the man in the iceberg at the time but I really didn’t. I just was drawn to this particular one’s shape. It’s funny, because I took so many pictures of ice. Just ice. But when I got them home I started seeing animals and other shapes that now I can’t “unsee”. Only a few are still just ice. :smiley: