Cloudy dreams

During the hike with my friends we witnessed cloud inversion. I have other photos with sunset light, but this blue hour shot is one of my favourites.

Specific Feedback Requested

I’m open to any suggestions. I’m here not to boost my ego but to improve. Feel free to write all the things I can make better.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon M50, EF-M 55-200,
ISO 800, 119mm, f 5,6 1/500 sec
I cooled down orange sky to be monochromatic and added bit of blur to enhance dreamy look.

This is a nice dreamy scene. I would be curious to see it without the blur effect. I am seeing areas in the image that appear sharp and others that look blurred and it is throwing me off a bit. I am curious why you chose ISO 800. I only use that kind of ISO if I am desperate for shutter speed, like with blowing leaves or flowers.

This is a good looking scene, made special by seeing the could tops. While I too would like to see it without the blur, the mix of softness and blueness does make a dreamy view. It does look quite small in the “original” post, but looks fine in the large views