Collected on the other side (now with rework!)

Yep, too warm. Here’s an updated version -

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


A typical northern WI wood in late September. I remember it was warm the day I took this and, unusual for me, I had a friend with me. Peak color lasts about five minutes so if you don’t get out into it, it’s gone. Because it was so gorgeous, it took forever to walk the mile back to the car. Who could blame us?

Specific Feedback

This is my original edit - suggestions welcome. It’s from 2020 so tools have improved!

Technical Details

Tripod and possibly CPL, but I can’t remember.


All processing in Lr since I wasn’t using Ps yet. The usual wb adjustment, maybe lens correction and the usual S-curve, texture & sharpening.

It’s funny - when I see fall colors I don’t think warm even though the palette is usually quite warm. And this is really warm! Maybe cooling it a bit would give it more depth. I brought it into ACR and reduced temperature just a tad and thought it worked:

Hi Kris,
I can understand why it took a long time to make that walk. What a gorgeous scene. I like the brightness of the distant background…it really draws my eye through the foreground out to it. You fashioned a nice composition out of the tangle of leaves and trees. Congrats.

What a lovely fall woodland scene, Kris. I love that soft light in the BG trees and the way it directs me into the image. I do like the small tweak @Bonnie_Lampley made with the color balance as the original seemed just a touch to warm; at least for my tastes. Looks like a wonderful place for a leisurely stroll.

Thanks @Bonnie_Lampley, @Mark_Muller & @Ed_Lowe - glad it resonated with you. We’re heading into fall now and so I’ve got to get out there again because it’s so amazing. Agree that the colors are a bit warm and when I got into Lr I discovered that I did tweak the wb, but not enough so I made a few adjustments there and to some other things. Thoughts?

Oh and it started raining just as we drove back home, so the timing was perfect and the light nice and soft.