Colorado Fall Colors Meetup

Colorado Fall Colors Meetup

(David Kingham) #1

It’s that crazy time of year in the San Juans, we will meetup after sunset on Friday at the Full Tilt Saloon in Ridgway just like last year. I will have NPN stickers to hand out!

Full tilt has great food and beer, I let them know a party of 20ish will be descending so please RSVP :+1:

(Keith Bauer) #2

Dang… I just returned from the San Juans today. Sorry I’ll miss the meet up. It would have been nice to get a chance to meet a few more folks from NPN.

(Bill Pelzmann) #3

I should be able to make it in time for the meetup - hope to leave Denver early Friday morning.

(Brent Doerzman) #4

really bummed I’ll miss it, not sure I can get from Denver to Ridgway after work in time… legally… :slight_smile: Have fun!

(Bill Pelzmann) #5

Darn, I won’t be able to leave on my southwest CO trip until Sunday morning. I was so looking forward to the meetup this evening. Sorry to have to pull out. :disappointed_relieved:

(Randy Van Winkle) #6

Hey David, I might make it a little later. Still thinking about going up to Owl Creek for sunset.