Coming through

Focusing selectively on a tiny end of a pistil. Pink small flower in the garden. Cloudy day with a breeze.

Specific Feedback Requested

Overall criticism

Technical Details

Nikon Z7
105 mm lens
1/800 sec
ISO 200


A delightfully mysterious image.

Thank you!!

Wonderfully unique!! With no hint of the DOF just behind the tip, and no clues about the structure of the flower, it is mysterious how the end of the pistil relates to the lovely BG! Well done!

Very unique vision that leaves the viewer with a mystery. I love how you were able to focus on just the tip of the pistil and create a soft bokeh in different tones of the same color.

I appreciate very much your feedback!

I really thank you!!

This is another lovely one Marie. The colour and tones are really good, and I especially like the slight shadow from the pistil toward the lower left corner. It may be good if that TLC could be lightened up a wee bit…maybe., but this is very well done with, to me, perfect DOF. Cheers.

I love that you like it!. Thank you so much

Lovely image Marie with some wonderful negative space around the subject. Awesome lovely color too. I like the light and shadows in the background.

There appears to be a slight halo around the pistil. Some delicate burning or cloning would help clean that up.

Marie, I really like this image. The selective focus really works well.

Thank you so much!

Really well done as with such a shallow DOF you really have no idea what it is and what the relationship is between the pistil and the background. Almost looks like an image of e nebula from The Hubble Space Telescope.

Thank you so much!