Commercial forest

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D750 / PC Nikkor 35/2,8


This is really well done. I love the starkness of the “in your face” tree and how you made the shot so that you’re looking down one “commercial” row. Great exposure and composition. Frankly, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The trees somewhat resemble our pines, or evergreens. Are these evergreens/firs/pines?

Thanks Chris. These are spruces but I don’t know exactly what species because the area is a forest research institute and there are a lot of different trees. The shoot moment was nice although I was hoping for a little more fog but good still because it was the only morning of the whole week because can shooted barely anything

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I agree, this is an exceptional image. It’s artistic in the manner it’s composed and quite emotional. Personally I find those trees threatening. Perhaps it’s the darkness and the regimented order of the trees as presented. Just a fantastic image really. There are some minor improvements if you’re looking for that sort of advice. The sky right next to the upper central trunk could be removed. The other bits of sky aren’t worth bothering with. The third trunk to the left has a bright area at its base.

Very nice composition!

Through these woods, I would think Rene Margritte might have gotten his idea for the painting, “A Blank Signature.” I thought this earlier but forgot to add it to my initial response.

A great image. I agree with Igor that it is threatening, it is like facing an army of hostile trees.

This image is expertly composed and processed. The mood is very sinister, like evil lurks in this forest.

If your intent is play up the sinister / threatening mood of this image, I think Igor is right, try to remove the largest patches of sky (it may not be easy to do, but is worth a try). The darker the image, the more mysterious it becomes, so removing or darkening the sky patches would add to the mood.

You were also lucky that this was in a research forest, they must do some cleanup of the forest floor. Having such an uncluttered understory really makes the shapes of the trees stand out.