Common Sunflower

A small clump of Common Sunflowers ( Helianthus annuus) has appeared in my Montana yard. This one was looking good, catching the afternoon sun. Note that this is the wild version that has been domesticated and hybridized to create the giant sunflowers that are grown for bird seed and cooking oil. A 30 shot stack. (R5, 180 mm macro, 1/800 s, f/10, iso 400, tripod)

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Beautiful Photo, Mark. I love the lighting and details in the flower. Nicely done.

Yellow in nature is always a draw for me, Mark. The back-lighting makes this really work nicely. Seeing this was from your Montana location I suspect this was taken during one of your spring-summer trips… :+1:

Stunning image, Mark. Love how the stems and leaf work so well in emphasizing the flower. Gorgeous background also.

The flower itself is stunning, but I’m finding my attention pulled by the leaf and bud stem. I think the flower would be amazing standing by itself, with its gorgeous lighting.

Great background. The stem makes a great anchor, and everything just highlights that bright yellow flower.