Yellow Columbine

A Yellow Columbine blooming in the Galletin Mountains of Montana last spring. The afternoon light from above and behind really set these flowers aglow. For me, the bits of spider web add to the story about the environment where these flowers live. Cropped to 8.5 x 11.

(5D3, 180mm macro L, 1/125 s, f/11, iso 400, tripod)

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Very nice, Mark. Although the main subject is the back lit portion of the Columbine, I really find myself exploring the pistil, stigma, and stamen hanging or dangling out from the lower flower center. Excellent study on that collection there… :sunglasses:

Superb color in this one. Nice diagonals throughout. The light is really quite special. The detail and depth of field work well here.

This is so lovely with the lighting and simplicity. I am always torn about leaving those little spider webs, but I like your rationale for leaving them.

Awesome Mark, I love how there is direction in the photograph and the color contrast is just amazing