Compression Chronicles

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This image tells a more personal story of the earth’s journey. Imagine each layer as a diary entry of our planet, noting the passing of time and the weight of the world above. These patterns were once soft, settled sediments, gradually pressed into pages of history by the gentle yet unstoppable force of nature’s hand. What we see is not just rock, but a narrative of pressure and patience, where every line is a memory, every curve a moment captured, a testament to the resilience and beauty of our natural world.

Specific Feedback

Any constructive feedback welcome

Technical Details

18 mm at ISO 100 and 1⁄125sec at ƒ/8

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Strong graphic elements in this one, Saundie. Somehow it gives me the feeling of galaxies in motion when I let go of the geology.

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Thanks, I can see that Dennis. :+1:

Great Lines and Tone !!!

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Thanks Gill glad you like it! :+1:

Exceptional Saundie! There is another dimension of time you recorded here. It’s a narrative of galaxies getting pulled into a black hole. They get distorted as a second feels like an eternity. Love this image.

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I think the space theme for these type of images works. Thanks for the feedback Alfredo!

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I managed to miss this one until now – have to add my praise. I find this, and the others you have done in this area, to be fascinating and compelling. I always wonder how I would have framed it and the answer is that I have no idea – I would probably still be standing there trying to decide. But I don’t see anything I would frame differently. For me, there is no sense of scale here --it could be a drone shot. Maybe on Mars.

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Thanks Diane, great to hear you find them fascinating and compelling! No doubt Mars like. :pray: